Dog Walk Draft 62: Games Draft

A day full of backyard games or a games at the lake is a Mount Rushmore day. Mix in a few different yard games, some drinking games, transition to cards or games in the basement at night. It is just an all around great day. This draft just had me dying to get the boys together to play some games and delete some beers. Handsome Hank loves games so much he created a full blown content style competition surrounding these games, what a dream. He and NFL journeyman and Barstools Bussin’ With The Boys podcast host, Will Compton, joined the Chicago guys for a games draft. I wanted to play every single pick drafted and there were some big time names not even drafted. As always, snake draft Monday delivered…..I would wash the entire Barstool office in ping pong.

Draft Order: 1. Carl 2. Eddie 3. Chief 4. Will Compton 5. Hank

Categories: 1 Outdoor Game, 1 Indoor Game, 1 Barcade, 1 Drinking Game, 1 Card/Table

Round 1

Pick 1: Carl, Corn Hole/Bags (Outdoor)

Grade- In The Hole

Corn Hole was on my first round board with potential for 1.1. All time lawn/drinking game. Easy to hold a beer and can play 100 games in a row without it ever getting old. Some of the best nights are just 4 or 6 friends tossing bags until the wee hours of the morning and then next thing you know the coolers empty and it 4:30am. Not a surprising lead off.

Pick 2: Eddie, Bocce (Outdoor)

Grade- Finesse

A game of finesse. A game of strategy. A game of beauty. A best friend of mine had a full bocce court and we would have some full day and night long tournaments. Beers, grilling, bocce, summers day holy grail. And off road bocce is just as fun. Playing on the beach or in a backyard and dealing with different lengths and elements. Another game where you can play and play and play with no end in sight. Hot start to the draft.

Pick 3: Chief, ShuffleBoard (Indoor)

Grade- Underrated

I wish shuffleboard was in more bars. Darts and Billiards seem to be the two prominent games in bars and shuffleboard is a plus when a place has it. It should be the other way around, because shuffleboard is awesome. It’s as if curling and bocce got married, opened a bar and had a wooden baby.

Pick 4: Will Compton, Kings/Circle of Death (Card)

Grade- Too Early

Will is coming in cold, straight out of the pool, hotel room facetime, so he is under the gun. This game is awesome, the points that were about it were spot on, but I do not think it holds first round value.

Pick 5: Hank, Up & Down The River (Card)

Grade- Drowning

Kings looks like a great pick……what a classic over think by Handsome Hank here, happens to the best of em. I do what game Hank is drafting, but why he is choosing to draft it anywhere before the 5th round is beyond me. It is always tough to start yourself off in hole during the draft, and Hank is now in hole.

Round 1- I think both guests drafted significantly inferior first round picks. That is not saying they are dead after round 1, but they need 4 very strong picks from here on out. The Chicago guys all took chalk first rounders. I want to have some beers and play some games.

Round 2

Pick 6: Hank, Spikeball (Outdoor)

Grade- He’s Back

My favorite yard game. Absolutely love Spikeball. This is not the casual yard game that corn hole is, its for 4 people who are down to get into a little more intense competition. When you have a group of people who want to play some serious Spikeball it is hands down the most fun game. Is it for everyone? No. And thats fine, it makes it that much more fun when you do get a play. Hank is back.

Pick 7: Will, Sand Volleyball (Outdoor)

Grade- Spike

Like Chiefs indoor pick, I wish sand volleyball just was able to happen more. It’s not like other games where you can just pop it up anywhere. You need a nice area of sand on the beach, or at a bar that has a court, but it is so much fun to play when you are able to. The sand is so welcoming to dive around and it allows for a nice size group of people to play. The sand slows down people to even the playing field across the board when you’re just playing for fun, but you can also have some great competitive games. Like Hank, Will is back too.

Pick 8: Chief, Flip Cup (Drinking)

Grade- Flip, Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia

Flip cup is way more social than beer pong. If I am at a smaller more intimate gathering, Id rather play pong, but in larger social settings Flip Cup was elite. I don’t know which of the two I rank higher, but I have no issue taking either one in the second round. They are classic drinking games. Chief was spot on when talking about the pressure of a last cup flip, especially if your team is in the lead. You cannot be the one to not land the flip and blow it. Gotta perform when all eyes are on you.

Pick 9: Eddie, Pop-A-Shot (Barcade)


Phenomenal pick. This is a game that will never get old even as you do. I will never hesitate to play a few rounds of pop a shot, and once you start, the drive to beat your previous score grows larger and larger. The feeling of finding your stroke and the perfect form and rattling off double digits in a row is the closest some of us to can relate to ‘getting in the zone’. Ed has two phenomenal games so far.

Pick 10: Carl, Jenga (Card/Table)

Grade- Sneaky

I don’t now how Carl got away with sneaking this in the card/table game category but good on him. I would consider this an indoor game, but Carl takes foosball later on. It is very much played on a table, but it just comes off as an outlier from the other picks in this category. I love playing Jenga, both sizes, but I think I prefer giant. I love this use of the card/table top caveat.

Round 2- Hank and Will rebounded very nicely, but Ed, Chief and Carl all held serve int he second round so still have slight advantage through 2. Carl is going to benefit big time from Jenga in the card/table top category when the graphic rolls around.

Round 3

Pick 11: Carl, Beer Pong (Drinking)

Grade- Heatin Up

A first ballot HoF drinking game. During my stretch of high school and college, beer pong was a staple at every event. I do not know if that’s the case anymore, but it had a run like not many other drinking games can stake claim to. Nothing like setting the pong table up on the porch or lawn in college for some day drinking. Hardos definitely gave pong a black eye, but I have some very fond beer pong memories.

Pick 12: Eddie, Billiards (Indoor)

Grade- Scratch

Taking billiards before darts is tough. It is very much a fun game, but it is not high on my list of games to play. If a buddy has one in the basement I’ll absolutely play, but I am not seeking out a pool. If the size of the bar isn’t big enough and you are hitting walls or asking people to move, pool is not that great. I think it is worthy of being drafted in this draft, but I don’t need it on my board.

Pick 13: Chief, Wiffle Ball (Outdoor)

Grade- Nostalgic

Wiffle Ball was a favorite growing up, but there comes a time where you just don’t really find yourself playing it anymore. I don’t like that that is the case, but I think for more people than not, it is. I love the game, I love the nostalgia factor, I don’t know how the pick will play in this draft. It is definitely not a prominent game in my lawn/backyard game experiences over the last decade.

Pick 14: Will Compton, Skee-Ball (Barcade)

Grade- 100 Points

While Pop-A-Shot may be 1A, Skee-ball could be considered 1B. It is a game you play at your first ever arcade experience and will continue to play to this day if you are at a D&B or a fair. The corner and middle seem like they should be so makeable but the game is difficult. It is not a true muscle memory roll. Another game where you just need to break your previous games high score.

Pick 15: Hank, Ping Pong (Indoor)

Grade- Balls Of Fury

Hank has taken my number 1 outdoor game and indoor game, so despite his opening pick, he is pulling at my heartstrings. I do think Spikeball will be too niched and Ping Pong too rare of a game outside of basements for the picks to really make an impact Hanks needs, but I love both more than any game off the board so far.

Round 3- Broken record every week but I love Carls board through 3. I think Ed and Chief fell of a bit with these 3rd round picks. Will has a good board, but its just that, good, not great. The last two picks of Hanks almost guarantee my vote but that doesn’t mean he will be in contention to win.

Round 4

Pick 16: Hank, Beer Die (Drinking)

Grade- I Hate Myself

This was not a game I knew of until I learned about via barstool, and I have unfortunately yet to play. I want to play very badly. It looks like so much fun and Hank made a great point that it a drinking game that truly makes you drink. Hanks is going to need the Fugawi vote here.

Pick 17: Will, Spades (Card)

Grade- Not Enough

Spades is a good card game. Wills draft has not really wow’ed so far and this pick fits that theme. It’s just a vanilla pick. Skim milk. It wont move the needle on the graphic. It doesn’t move it much in general.

Pick 18: Chief, Golden Tee (Barcade)

Grade- Par

Golden Tee is definitely borderline for this category but I think allowing it is the correct move. It is a fine game. I’m not choosing golden tee over darts or some other bar games but I will roll a round if I was hanging at a quiet bar with a friend watching a game. I’ve had a golden tee machine at an outer banks house and it was cool when it was free, but i am not seeking it out.

Pick 19: Eddie, Across The Board (Card)

Grade- No Free Ads

I had to look this up because I was unsure what Ed was talking about. It looks very fun, and it also is extremely similar to a simple Horse Race/Boat Race with a deck of cards, which is a top notch drinking game. Eds game is about the same thing, so I like it.

Pick 20: Carl, Foosball (Indoor)

Grade- No Spins

Had a foosball in the house senior year of college and it became a favorite game of mine. Singles or Doubles both are so fun and there is absolute a level of skill involved in a good game of foosball. You need to be able to make passes along the same pole on with the attacking men. You need to know how to use walls. You need good goalie play. Big fan of foosball. Big fan of Carls draft.

Round 4- Carl has my clear favorite board so far. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to play all 20 of these games but Carls stands out. Eds last two rounds have really made his draft tail off. Chief is absolutely going to get a nice chunk of the vote. Depending on who they choose for the poll, either Hank or Will could find themselves off the vote.

Round 5

Pick 21: Carl, Boxing Punching Bag (Barcade) VETO- Photo Hunt (Will/Hank)

Grade- Limp Wrist

Sure this game brings some quick excitement to the bar, but other than that it is not much of a game. Midas whale pick arm wrestling. Carl won last week with Ham Sandwich in the 5th, so I have no clue what goes on in voters minds, but this pick stinks and is disappointing because Carl drafted a very winnable board before this pick.

Pick 22: Eddie, Chandelier (Drinking)


Great 5th round value from Ed here. Chandelier gets the people going. It sucks so bad getting the middle cup, once the ball/coin lands in it, it is a complete mad dash for everyone to drink and flip. Like alot of drinking games, you never know who knows what game and what they call it, but for those that know chandelier, this is a good pick to round out Eds board.

Pick 23: Chief, Bullshit (Card)

Grade- Underwhelming

Its a fine card game, just not one of my favorites. With card games like Acey-Duecy, Fuck the Dealer and Boat Races out there, Bullshit just takes a back seat. I think Poker would have even been an awesome pick to close out Chiefs draft here. Bullshit was just to safe of a pick that I think it falls flat.

Pick 24: Will Compton, Rock, Paper, Scissors (Indoor)

Grade- OH NO

Switching from Darts to RPS is one of the worst flip flops of a draft pick in Dog Walk History. The boys gave Will darts on a silver platter and he still passed. Shocking moment. Hank has done a great job on Stool Streams RPS but outside of that and it being a best 2 out of 3 to decide something, it should not be on the board. Will needed a better 5th round pick to have a chance and this was not it.

Pick 25(Mr. Irrelevant): Hank, Fast Food Plinko (Barcade)

Grade- Company Man

So this is a terrible pick. It’s a hilarious pick because Hank is a Taco Bell man. The family business. So we will call it a hilariously bad pick pick. I have never seen this game outside of a fast food place therefore it is quite frankly in a category of its own in “fast food games”. I loved Hanks 2/3/4 but with so many other good Barcade games left to be drafted this pick is tough to get behind.

I don’t think there has been a draft where a 5th round pick has really tanked an victorious draft, but the Punching Bag game pick from Carl very well may have done that. He was my clear winner after 4 and that pick is basically just an open category for him now. Chief has a board that could win and Carl left the door wide open. Its going to be so hard not voting for Hank with Spikeball and Ping Pong but he really just did not have a good draft. Will Compton drafting on call was a stand up move but being unprepared coming into a draft makes it extremely difficult to draft a winner. I need to play games ASAP. Great draft.

Honorable Mentions:

Darts not being on the board is a travesty. Air Hockey and Bubble hockey are superior picks than other games selected as whale.

Polish Horseshoes (Fris-beer) was worthy of a pick, Will just already took Volleyball.

Slap Cup is one of the most fun drinking game out there. Gets the people going. Puts people in the grindhouse.

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